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CJ feed content generator

This WordPress plugin can import product feeds in Google format which is (used by affiliate platforms like Commission Junction and others) and create whole affiliate website from it with few clicks.

It is really that simple as import a feed and then place shortcode on the frontpage or any other page to become your affiliate site.

Main features

  • import / bulk import even huge feed files
  • automatically generate categories with product counts
  • store products as custom posts+metas or in dedicated table (for lightning fast filtering)
  • internal caching system for even better performance
  • easy templating system for custom appearance
  • ajax powered loading more products (instead of pagination, next items are loaded when you scroll to the bottom like on Facebook)
  • ajax product filtering



you can soon find downloadable plugin on wordpress plugin site, meanwhile, if you are interested, drop a comment below


Adding plugins to WP repo

Step 1.: create wp dev account at

Step 2.: prepare nice readme.txt, have it checked with

Step 3.: pack it all together in a zip and submit using

Step 4.: wait for approval

Step 5.: upload using SVN to WP repo. Using Windows you can:

  • download tortoise svn check option to install command line tools
  • create a folder for your files
mkdir my-local-dir
  • download your files with
svn co my-local-dir
  • put your files into trunk folder, then
svn add trunk/*
  • upload files into wp repo
svn ci -m 'my plugin release' --username yourusername --password yourpassword
  • getting error “plugin is not under version control?” So did I. All docs fails for Windows, you need to use double quotes instead of single quotes. so:
svn ci -m "my plugin release" --username yourusername --password yourpassword
  • should do the trick


Wordpress WP plugins

WP custom read more image effect block

I have made this simple custom block option to Guttenberg editor with fancy image and a read more link.


wp plugin url:


Deleting wordpress posts

Running wp_delete_post($postId,true); for every post could take serious amount of time. If you need to delete everything let’s say from post _id>320 and category equals to some_category, then this is much more faster solution:

(run mysql commands from phpmyadmin or somewhere,

DELETE from wp_posts WHERE ID>320
DELETE from wp_postmeta WHERE post_id>320
DELETE from wp_terms WHERE term_id>1
DELETE from wp_term_relationships WHERE object_id>320
DELETE from wp_term_taxonomy WHERE taxonomy like 'some_category'