Adding plugins to WP repo

Step 1.: create wp dev account at

Step 2.: prepare nice readme.txt, have it checked with

Step 3.: pack it all together in a zip and submit using

Step 4.: wait for approval

Step 5.: upload using SVN to WP repo. Using Windows you can:

  • download tortoise svn check option to install command line tools
  • create a folder for your files
mkdir my-local-dir
  • download your files with
svn co my-local-dir
  • put your files into trunk folder, then
svn add trunk/*
  • upload files into wp repo
svn ci -m 'my plugin release' --username yourusername --password yourpassword
  • getting error “plugin is not under version control?” So did I. All docs fails for Windows, you need to use double quotes instead of single quotes. so:
svn ci -m "my plugin release" --username yourusername --password yourpassword
  • should do the trick


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