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Please donate for further updates and improvements of this tool:

Wait, this is against TOS – I could get banned!

Sure, you could. But do you really want to waste your time on repetitive actions or enjoy and play the game? I would have already stopped playing if not using a little help of this software. Besides, it does nothing else what a human (or monkey) couldn’t do. I does not abuse, hook or alter anything like trainers do. It could work, move and click mouse much faster than human, but it doesn’t. I have been using this for months myself and I can say it’s pretty safe.

Please donate with the button above and you’ll get access to premium support and feature requests.

  • effective game progress
  • overcome boring tasks
  • emulates human actions – 100% safe
  • works in all browsers and different resolutions
  • read ingame text, works with different resolutions

Features & Updates

  • trade resources on market (earn thousands of goods without producing them)
  • visit pubs
  • motivate players
  • UPDATE lock and autofill troops and auto PVP battles!
  • autofilling and autofighting in guild battlegrounds (GBG) now much faster! Enjoy doing 100 of battles while reading your favorite book
  • and more coming- please leave a comment about what feature you would like to have in the Forge of Empires auto clicker tool.
  • UPDATE visiting pubs working again, autobattling now much faster
  • UPDATE Now you can set a minimum health level that is checked before a unit is replaced.

How to

  • Watch videos below to know how it works
  • Open game in web browser (Chrome, Edge etc.)
  • Run FOE clicker tool
  • Choose feaure, for shop open create offer like on the first screen, for help&pub have the game in normal state, like on the videos below.
  • set back and relax

Screenshots and videos

This is a demo of current autobattle bot in action


74 replies on “Forge of Empires tools FOE clicker”

And i will donate surely if u could make this lil bit faster fighting. And if u look at that file i have i will pay u also and u cant charge money for that file i have. i seen people willing to pay 2-300 US dollars for that file i have but its not working anymore

” u can charge people for alot of money for that file i have ” the only thing i want is a free example to my self and i will not share it so that u can make money on it .

Just a little bit more faster i can play faster than this right now if u could turn it up a lil bit and also look after pvp arena u can also make that fight automatic i have a file but its not working anymore i think its need an update or something if u wanna look at it send me an mail

Hello. Any function to autocollect diamond farms on other worlds? (auto logging in, collecting, setting another 24h production on all buildings, and spending forge points on bar) Would gladly pay for that. Thanks.

Is there a chance you could add 2:1 previous age trade option? For those which wish to make loads of lower age goods from higher age goods.
This is a great and very helpful tool otherwise!

Hey there. Nice little tool man! 1 thing i wish there was, is an “Auto Harvest”. For maybe just supplies or even better for everything (Gold,Goods,Supplies etc..)

Hello, “Shopping” mode is not working. After choosing an era and pressing “Prepare shop” it says “Init shop ok”, but the amount of resources is not shown, after pressing again or “Go shopping” it says “Canceled”.
The “Aid others a visit pubs” mode works great.

Yes, “create offer” is open. Once it was possible to launch the creation of transactions, but the product and quantity did not appear in the program window, as in the video.

Hello, you are making great tool.
But in my case working only aiding. It’s ignore pubs and locking units or preparing shot returns failed #12. I am on the proper screen and zoom is set to 100%
Even with those problems it saves lots of time 🙂

Hi, glad to hear that. Please make sure you are on the correct screen (create offer for the market and manage army for battles). Also, what’s your screen res? Currently, only 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 is tested. If there are troubles, I can help if you are willing send me a screenshots or something.

Hello, that means the program can’t see your forge of empires army management window on the screen. Please make sure you have this window open.

No, I don’t know about anyone banned for using this tool. I have been using it myself for a long time and also I don’t feel guilty for that- it does nothing else than doing the boring tasks and help you enjoy the game.

i couldnt help much, but sent a donation. please fix the tavern visits ( visits only first slot, doesn’t check other taverns) and the autto battle sometimes getting stuck on results screen

Hi, haven’t much time recently, but this has this kicked it up a notch. Thanks a lot for the donation, I am going to fix taverns and auto battles later on today.

Thanks. Please tell me what forge of empires automatization feauture you find slow, so that I can speed it up a bit. Some of features are slow intentionally to act like real person, but I may tweak it perhaps. Thanks

the first of each row*

also, auto-battle sometimes gets stuck on the results screen if there is no reward. it will think to change units on that results screen

Depuis ce matin je n’arrive plus a utiliser le logiciel ca me met une erreur quand il s’agit de la CBG

bonjour serait il possible d’ajouter une option pour les combats qu’on puisse régler les délai entre chaque batailles en CBG

Hi, you mean, to have an option to set some delay after each battle? Good idea, I am going to add it along with custom minimal health for each unit before it is replaced for fresh.

Does it works only on Windows?
I’m with Mac I’ve extracted the file from the zip but I can’t figure out how to launch it

Hi, ofc, please write your needs here. I was just thinking about adding more options to this Forge of Empires tool (something like doing autobattles etc.)

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