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Wait this is against TOS! I could get banned!

Sure, you could. But do you really want to waste your time on repetitive actions or enjoy and play the game? I would have already stopped playing if not using a little help of this software. Besides, it does nothing else what a human (or monkey) couldn’t do. I does not abuse, hook or alter anything like trainers do. It could work, move and click mouse much faster than human, but it doesn’t. I have been using this for months myself and I can say it’s pretty safe.

  • effective game progress
  • overcome boring tasks
  • emulates human actions – 100% safe
  • works in all browsers and different resolutions
  • read ingame text, works with different resolutions


  • trade resources on market (earn thousands of goods without producing them)
  • visit pubs
  • motivate players
  • and more..

How to

  • Watch videos below to know how it works
  • Open game in web browser (Chrome, Edge etc.)
  • Run FOE clicker tool
  • Choose feaure, for shop open create offer like on the first screen, for help&pub have the game in normal state, like on the videos below.
  • set back and relax

Screenshots and videos


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Hi, ofc, please write your needs here. I was just thinking about adding more options to this Forge of Empires tool (something like doing autobattles etc.)

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