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Wait, this is against TOS – I could get banned!

Sure, you could. But do you really want to waste your time on repetitive actions or enjoy and play the game? I would have already stopped playing if not using a little help of this software. Besides, it does nothing else what a human (or monkey) couldn’t do. I does not abuse, hook or alter anything like trainers do. It could work, move and click mouse much faster than human, but it doesn’t. I have been using this for months myself and I can say it’s pretty safe.

Please donate with the button above and you’ll get access to premium support and feature requests.

  • effective game progress
  • overcome boring tasks
  • emulates human actions – 100% safe
  • works in all browsers and different resolutions
  • read ingame text, works with 1080p and 2160p resolutions.

Features & Updates

  • trade resources on market (earn thousands of goods without producing them)
  • visit pubs
  • motivate players
  • UPDATE lock and autofill troops and auto PVP battles!
  • autofilling and autofighting in guild battlegrounds (GBG) now much faster! Enjoy doing 100 of battles while reading your favorite book
  • and more coming- please leave a comment about what feature you would like to have in the Forge of Empires auto clicker tool.
  • UPDATE visiting pubs working again, autobattling now much faster
  • UPDATE Now you can set a minimum health level that is checked before a unit is replaced.
  • UPDATE Nov 2022 – faster shop/battle init
  • UPDATE Nov 2022 – improved shopping – support latest eras, trade multiple eras in single run, variable goods amouts
  • UPDATE Sep 2023 – autobattles working again, added titan era goods for shopping
  • UPDATE Nov 2023 – several bugs fixed, new image recognition engine, better OCR detection for shopping and battles.
  • New feature: fighting until 5 battles remain to acquire a sector (this is experimental, use battle count setting if it fails)
  • New feature: After 3 consequite loses in guild battles, bot stops fighting to prevent army losses
  • FIX fixed an issue causing refilling units – filling units now working correctly
  • Update foeclicker 8.2 – fighting in guild battlergrounds now much faster
  • Update foeclicker 8.3 – guild battlegrounds – added slower and hopefully more reliable detection method. Check fast method if it works for you.
  • New feature: you can either set a minimal number of units or keep fighting till there is some fresh meat
  • FIX foeclicker 8.10 – fixed bug causing guild battles to stop after first fight
  • New feature: 8.12 custom offer:demand ratio setting for happy Forge of empires shopping.
  • FIX for guild battles bugs.
  • New feature: guild battles are faster now. Could be slowed down with settings.
  • New feature: guild expeditions! Only 1080p and 4K 150% zoom resolution supported so far.
  • Fixed some issues when the program did not work for everyone (so called #12 errors)
  • Update to (hopefully) support newer version for Forge of Empires (not tested yet)
  • You can now choose to use B for autobattles. If that shortcut works in your servre, use it! Should be safer and faster.
  • 8.23 – many bugs fixed. Option to use ESC key. saving and loading settings. More to come.
  • 8.28 – surrendering bug in two round battles fixed.
  • Finally confirmed to be working well again. Thank you all guys for your feedback and support.

How to

  • Watch videos below to know how it works
  • Open game in web browser (Chrome, Edge etc.)
  • Run FOE clicker tool
  • Choose feaure, for shop open create offer like on the first screen, for help&pub have the game in normal state, like on the videos below, for guild battles and expeditions open the window where you choose units
  • set back and relax
  • Please make sure you are running the game in 1920×1080 or 3840×2160. Other resolutions are not supported and will likely not work properly.

Screenshots and videos

This is a demo of current autobattle bot in action


  • Make sure you have not zoom in your browser. Set zoom to 100%. You can have zoom set in windows though.
  • If prepeare shop freezes instead of selecting offer and demand, make sure you have installed vc redist dll from microsoft
  • if mulitple screens are used, don’t have game window on different screen
  • don’t cover game window with other windows
  • If any other issues, drop a comment below.
  • Sorry guys, I am so busy these days, can’t provide any more support in case the tool is not working for you 🙁 Also, so there’s so much spam in the comments, I need to tackle that too when I have some time. Sorry for not replying to you all.
  • In case the tool does not work for you, please send a message along with screenshot using issues-report

237 replies on “Forge of Empires tools FOE clicker”

“8.28 seems to work great.
Small sug. action “attack” is under “A” button
Thanks again”
And “R” buttont to change Army 😁😅

8.28 works great!
Sometimes there is 1 B press to many (going into sector building), so it only continues once I press Esc. This happens about 1/100 battles for me
Also, in previous versions, thanks to Foe helper, autoclicking would get stuck when you only have bandits left, preventing losing a lot of bandits high attrition. Now i do lose more bandits, but on the other hand it does keep going until you manually stop it or the building bug happens.
Finally, a bug that happens about 1/1000 fights for me is the inverse of the first bug, pressing 1 Esc to many after rewards. This also happened on older versions (without Esc). It is probably due to lag so I would not have any idea how you could fix this.

I hope me sharing this helps you in some way, i’m really happy its working again, the game would not be playable without your work

Great to hear!
I should also mention It does not seem to work on my laptop anymore, it worked on previous versions but only when zoom was set to 80%. (worked as good as on my PC)
Now ‘Lock Units’ only works at 100% but after starting 1 battle i get this error message:
“OpenCV:_img.size().height <=_templ.size().height &&_img.size().width <=_templ.size().width"

Hope this helps 👍

8.28 seems to work great on both the US and EN servers. And they have different auto battle button locations, but 8.28 takes care of them. Pretty fast too if you ask me. Sent a donation for the efforts – thanks again

Thanks for the great job. Version 8.28 is working. There is a wish that GBG be without using the mouse at all. It remains to add the “A” button – attack and the “R” button – replace the troops

8.28 is working good. However after so long when you get a reward after a successful fight it will click B too fast and it will keep spamming B.

So maybe you could add something like after so many B’s have been pressed in quick succession it should automatically hit the ESC button to reset it back to attack.

I will send you a screenshot.

8.27 works semi ok but it seems at times to click the retreat button by mistake, anyways thanks for your hard work, I will send you $10 for now and $40 as promised when you have completed the upgrade and fixed the errors

8.26 works again, but only for single battles
Whenever you have to fight 2 battles it only fights one, however all you have to do is press B and it continues just fine.
So at the moment it works semi-automatic, thats already great!
Hopefully you could add just 1 more B-press for dubble battles and it would be working fully automatic again, thanks a lot for all the work!

Is there maybe a way to detect the buttons via text or colour? So when you are on a two-wave battle after the first wave it will detect the text for auto battle or the colour of the button?

Not sure how you could get around this.

8.25 works but incorrectly, two waves of battle, it depends. And why not use the unit auto-correct button rather than manual mode?

Hi, I am playing on the Eu (TR) server. I downloaded the 8.20 version, but auto battle still does not work. When will your app work after changing battle buttons? Thank you.

Thanks for the update 8.20 it is working really well when the user does not have the “replace units” button but returns an error “error: autobattle not ready” if they do have the “replace units” button. I understand that you may not have that button on your account yet so therefore you cannot re-programme FOEClicker. Just a thought maybe keep 8.20 for non “replace button” users and another version for “replace button” users. As promised before once you have managed to re-programme FOEClicker I will donate $50 for your efforts many thanks.

Version 8.20 has the same problem. Screenshots are available. If you want and contact me by email, I can send them to you. Thank you very much for your effort.

Lately there are shortcuts for Battle (A) and then Auto Battle (B), also this new refilling feature has shortcut (R), if you can utilize this, then this could help you a lot, as we don’t need to search for these buttons. Thanks

I suffer from R.S.I. now with the clicker not working I can hardly play FOE I would gladly pay 50 us if it worked to save me from pain and suffering

Now we need an option to tell clicker where the Auto Battle button is
Right or Left in GBG screens. They have moved it to the right side on the US servers, and still on the left on the EN servers…not sure about other flags played under. But in short…radio box saying left or right for auto battle button location. thanks

and 8.19 doesn’t work in either US or EN servers for GE
on the EN servers (Dinegu) it just keeps clicking on fight an does nothing else…keep em coming…back to version 14 for EN…and manual for US servers…sigh…

On top off all that, Inno has also in GE and GBG for some cities now ahve a Replace Units button to the far right, Auto Battle ni the middle and Manual fight on the left…go figure…sure messes up the bot…hope you can iron this out quickly…more donation to follow – thanks man

It stopped working since the new update, im wondering if and when will there be a working version released?

It doesn’t sadly, i appreciate you trying and i’m not trying to rush you, how long do you estimate it will take to release a new working version?

Hiya can you update the clicker please with the new added button (Replace Units) on the squad loading screen as 8.18 is not working I am happy to send you a donation to help you

Hi, thanks. I still do not have this update on my server. I will try to get more info somewhere, so that I can uppdate foeclicker for that. Please be patient.

With recent foe update, would be nice to implement “Auto-Battle” shortcut [B] and “Close windows” shortcut [Echap] instead of mouse click to speed up process on guild fight without being detected ? (with a checkbox option for click or keyboard)

Great! Unfortunately, I still don’t have the newest update so that I can implement that. Hopefully inno will soon push it into the server I am playing on.

Hello, indeed INNO is changing the location of buttons:
we switched the order of the attack and auto-attack buttons.

It is already active on the beta server; I don’t know if you are searching for the image in an area or a specific location. The tool will require an update soon.

When I pull down 8.16 it starts up but says 8.14
Is that right?? Or is the download the same as the 8.14 version

Thanks for the program. There is a battle update on the beta server. Are you planning to finalize it?

There has been an update on the Beta GBG and the clicker no longer works, there is a new replace troops button, I’m pretty sure this will be added to the live servers quite soon, will the clicker be updated ?

Thanks for this foe tool. Very helpfull.
Working as expected (even on 3440×1440)

Any luck to share code on github or similar ?
Would like to contribute to your powerfull tool if you don’t mind it.
I’m open to MP if you prefer.

it doesn’t work anymore, after 3 battles compare this message:
jobs done, reason – too many losses in a row!
I don’t lose any soldiers in battles

Great tool! Many thanks for that!
But the program keeps stopping. Sometimes after 2 fights, sometimes after 10 fights. Sometimes after the end of a battle, sometimes at the start of the second wave.
It seems to happen completely randomly.
The error message is displayed: General error in GDI+

I don’t understand how the exchange of goods works, does it only create offers or does it also exchange goods automatically?

Hi, program was doing great but in the last few days I cant fight it anymore it stops after every fight please fix it thanks…

In the next release would it be possible to add to the help/motivate – Pubs visits asking how many to help/motivate and Pub visits? If one is doing a certain amount for a Daily Quest, or using the Truce Tower and it is ready to roll over…one would use that number – roll it over and start again.
As for the shopping item – others I guess get it, but it goes over my head…LOL If I wish to shop for just a certain item, and not a list of them…Is there a better YT for it? Or some sort of included how to’s with the downloads?
Thanks man – doing great

Why do you need a peace tower? Because of the few goods you get from higher ages? In well-functioning guilds, you can get these goods cheaper and in much larger quantities. This desired function would be useless for most people here. This script here is already great and should only be expanded with functions that are needed and used by the majority.

8-11 works sweet over previous versions – thank you
suggestion for fighting if possible in GBG…sometimes there is a stop hand and we are to fill to a set level. Problem is trying to fight when the stop hand warning pops up all the time. Is there a possible way around that? If not, don’t fuss with it…it works sweet as is…
well done so far – will be donating again this week

disregard the stop hand item in GBG…there is a option in the game settings itself to avoid that pop up window for stop hand actions

Shpoing works very well but the shoping mode is very limited. there are only 3 options. 1:1, 1:2…
It would be better to set this manually, e.g. offer 100, demand 110 in the same period.
Would you like to expand on this?
Thanks you for reading.
TY and BR

8:11 it will fill the units, but….. now after a fight, 95% it will not hit the [ok] button to go on and go to the field where it refill the units.

It will hoover around the [ok] button but if it hits the [ok] button it will not hit it.

If i wait and klick myself, when t hoovers over the [ok] button, then wil doesn’t know what to do next and keeps hoovering again around the attack button to start a new fight.

Motivate end pubs works very well !!

Version 8-2 doesn’t auto fill units with health set to a value of 4 or other value really. It leaves the spot empty and continues to play. The stop after 3 loses …I’d remove that and go back to some of the code for 8-0
With 8-0 I started getting job done, to many losses…but it worked fairly well most the time. 8-2 needs tweaking on selecting troops again and filling in blanks or those where the value has been set to replace them.

The pub and tavern option works fine – nice.

Autofill: Sometimes It leaves the 8e spot empty and continues to play, sometimes even with 7…6.or even only 5 units.
But later on it will fill 8 spots again.

But it is working ! Hope you will get it working beter 🙂

Autofill doesn’t work, cant find roques but it will go to battle anyway, with only 3 units. And then loses 😛

Or is wil find roques.
It needs 5 roques but it wil fill 2 roques and then goes te fight with 3 emty places.

Am finding version 8, if I have that right, works much better over previous releases. Suggestions: on the Aid and option to only visit Pubs and if Aiding….do not click on those that are awaiting FR List addition or outgoing where it says Cancel. It clicks on those and removes any one on a FR list awaiting approval or incoming.

The other thing I notice is fighting GBG…seem slow down when ones attrition starts getting around level of 20. No big for me, but worth the mention

I get the same thing after playing one world just fine, then move to another world use the bot and perhaps okay, move to another world and the safety break issue starts up again. Like there is a log file or something and the bot after so many uses starts to run slower and the break item starts up

Checked all my worlds, on every world I have the safety break.
I am playing on 1920 X 1080 and chrome on 100%.

Dont get it!

i run at 1920 x 1080 , the aid section works fine, but the battle screen say – battle init started, please wait, but it goes no further, no battles take place, i dont zoom in or out just left at 100%

like a minute between fights , its to slow , safety break, auto battle not ready, rescanning. average 1 fight a minute, thats with the new version i just downloaded

Thank you for the program. Works great, but only on one computer. On the second it gives the error “Warning – frame init failed #1”. Screen resolutions are the same: 1920-1080. The scale in the browser is the same: 100%. Please help me solve this problem.

the aid others and visit pub works fine, but the fight battle section says – battle init started, please wait and never goes any further, i run 1920 x 1080

hi, Just downloaded and it doesn’t seem to work… Screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 And zoom 100%
tried it on mozilla and on opera… Any thoughts?

Is it possible to also add the option to set the “safety break” time as well?
Every time it hangs for lengthy periods. Sometimes it works for 3 or 4 battles but that’s all.

Good morning, I downloaded your “Foe helper 2” file but I can’t understand how it works and how to use it on my FoE ;( I ask for help and support and I also ask how much the donation costs to be able to use all the functions? I also ask if the donation Does it have a duration over time or is it unlimited without expiry of the premium and complete functions?


I just watched one of your videos and clicked on the link that took me to your website. I don’t see the link to download and try the tool, is it still available? Thank you in advance for your response. Have a great day.

Hi, I have downloaded the latsest version. But I keep getting the safety break on the supported resolution.

After the safety break he takes a long time and then he goes for the next fight. But he wont replace the injured soldiers.

Is there a way to lower the speed of the auto battles unit selection etc..? it’s too fast and the units don’t register and i only send like 4 units to battle.

my computer is a tad slow for this for some reason

Hi, first of all, thanks for the program, it’s fantastic, but it’s a shame I can’t make the best use of it. I am referring to battles and changes of armies. It starts quickly but then stops and in the end it takes 5 minutes to do 5 battles. can you help me? I downloaded the latest version available, I use a 1920×1080 resolution. Thank you

init battle failed #13 error
i’m 100% zoom at 3840 2160 and i tried 100% windows scaling and also 1080p and still getting this error

I did have it open, but I can’t figure out why it doesn’t detect, i turned off night light/2nd monitor, etc…

Hello, thanks for your work that is incredible, but can you make a Mac version please ? I turn windows into mac so I can’t use it anymore…

Hello, thank you for your work that has served me well, unfortunately it no longer works, blocking after the 1st fight.
I’m sad because I really don’t want to waste my time clicking for hours.
To encourage you to resume I made you a donation of 10 dollars and am sure that if you asked for some money against this great software many would be willing to contribute.
Hoping that this message makes you want to resume again, I thank you for all this precious time you have saved me.

Can’t test it right now (guild battle just ended today for me), but maybe the screen res issue. I might rework it to work to support other res than 16:9, but this might take some time.

tony how did you get it working? I tried every resolution but evertime I get the safety break

Good evening, unfortunately new bug when the units are injured he selects an unchosen unit and ends up selecting only thugs, I do not understand why he does this now when it worked well?

Good day!
I downloaded new version. But nothing changed – after fist fight buttle freezing for a minute. Writing “safety break”. After begining new fight, but without changing troops. So sad(

Hello the bug is in the Titan era when there are units before the ones I select for the fight, if I delete them I don’t have the bug anymore but it comes back as soon as I gain some as a reward, forced to delete them too to be able to continue
I don’t have this bug in future and progressive

CDB doesn’t work fine. After every battle “autobattle not ready, rescanning” and not change units. Can you fix it please?

Hi Bro,
battle screen was updated today by Inno, need to upgrade this software please.
thanks in advance

Hi mate,
If you are no longer developing this, could you please upload the source code so others can take it further?

I am finding when I set the “Fight guild battles” to 15 or higher after 1 or 2 rounds it almost always selects the wrong locked units; will select multiple of the first unit therefor not having space for the last unit. Sometimes it will end up doing this multiple times in a row giving me 4 of the first unit.
I have to quit and restart the clicker.
Have not seen this issue raised yet so not sure if it’s just me.

thanks for this program.
Since some days ago, CDB doesn’t work fine, block every time i recieve a reward. I have to close manually the box.
thanks in advance for your support

hi guys
it was working fine since 2 days ago for CDB.
now going to “safety” every time there is a battle rewards.
please can you support me?

autobattle is not working anymore. Stops in 1st battle and says safety break in the first reward
can you fix it please

Hello mf.
I love your script!!
In Shopping ERA 7 don’t work.
(I use this script only for shopping)

Thanks a lot for it!
Merry Christmas

I have unziped the file but I cant seem to install it, is there a video or some instructions on how to install?

And i will donate surely if u could make this lil bit faster fighting. And if u look at that file i have i will pay u also and u cant charge money for that file i have. i seen people willing to pay 2-300 US dollars for that file i have but its not working anymore

” u can charge people for alot of money for that file i have ” the only thing i want is a free example to my self and i will not share it so that u can make money on it .

Just a little bit more faster i can play faster than this right now if u could turn it up a lil bit and also look after pvp arena u can also make that fight automatic i have a file but its not working anymore i think its need an update or something if u wanna look at it send me an mail

Hello. Any function to autocollect diamond farms on other worlds? (auto logging in, collecting, setting another 24h production on all buildings, and spending forge points on bar) Would gladly pay for that. Thanks.

Is there a chance you could add 2:1 previous age trade option? For those which wish to make loads of lower age goods from higher age goods.
This is a great and very helpful tool otherwise!

Hey there. Nice little tool man! 1 thing i wish there was, is an “Auto Harvest”. For maybe just supplies or even better for everything (Gold,Goods,Supplies etc..)

Hello, “Shopping” mode is not working. After choosing an era and pressing “Prepare shop” it says “Init shop ok”, but the amount of resources is not shown, after pressing again or “Go shopping” it says “Canceled”.
The “Aid others a visit pubs” mode works great.

Yes, “create offer” is open. Once it was possible to launch the creation of transactions, but the product and quantity did not appear in the program window, as in the video.

Hello, you are making great tool.
But in my case working only aiding. It’s ignore pubs and locking units or preparing shot returns failed #12. I am on the proper screen and zoom is set to 100%
Even with those problems it saves lots of time 🙂

Hi, glad to hear that. Please make sure you are on the correct screen (create offer for the market and manage army for battles). Also, what’s your screen res? Currently, only 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 is tested. If there are troubles, I can help if you are willing send me a screenshots or something.

Hello, that means the program can’t see your forge of empires army management window on the screen. Please make sure you have this window open.

No, I don’t know about anyone banned for using this tool. I have been using it myself for a long time and also I don’t feel guilty for that- it does nothing else than doing the boring tasks and help you enjoy the game.

i couldnt help much, but sent a donation. please fix the tavern visits ( visits only first slot, doesn’t check other taverns) and the autto battle sometimes getting stuck on results screen

Hi, haven’t much time recently, but this has this kicked it up a notch. Thanks a lot for the donation, I am going to fix taverns and auto battles later on today.

Thanks. Please tell me what forge of empires automatization feauture you find slow, so that I can speed it up a bit. Some of features are slow intentionally to act like real person, but I may tweak it perhaps. Thanks

the first of each row*

also, auto-battle sometimes gets stuck on the results screen if there is no reward. it will think to change units on that results screen

Depuis ce matin je n’arrive plus a utiliser le logiciel ca me met une erreur quand il s’agit de la CBG

bonjour serait il possible d’ajouter une option pour les combats qu’on puisse régler les délai entre chaque batailles en CBG

Hi, you mean, to have an option to set some delay after each battle? Good idea, I am going to add it along with custom minimal health for each unit before it is replaced for fresh.

Does it works only on Windows?
I’m with Mac I’ve extracted the file from the zip but I can’t figure out how to launch it

Hi, ofc, please write your needs here. I was just thinking about adding more options to this Forge of Empires tool (something like doing autobattles etc.)

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